• Krumble Orange
    Krumble Orange Flavoured Cake
  • Krumble Red Velvet
    Krumble Red Velvet
  • Krumble Chocolate
    Krumble Chocolate Flavoured Cake
  • Krumble Lemon
    Krumble Lemon Flavoured Cakes
  • krumble-rainbow-cake
    Krumble Rainbow Cake
  • Mixed Cake
    Krumble Mixed Cake

About Us

Krumble is a registered Trademark of Gal Baking Services Limited. The baking company has years of experience in providing quality cakes using only fresh ingredients. We provide freshly baked products ranging from cakes, cookies, pastries and bread. We bake cakes for birthdays, weddings, corporate functions, anniversaries and engagements. Our cakes are fresh to order and customized to your specifications, style and vision. We go a long way to make sure the cakes we provide are deliciously mouthwatering and spectacularly memorable.

For whatever occasion, be it a traditional wedding, simple party or a sophisticated event, Krumble will create you a cake that will delight and inspire everyone at the occasion. We give you the choice to choose from our album or to bring us a picture of your own cake and we will make it specifically for you. We custom decorate our cakes with exceptional detail and quality to fully satisfy our customers. It’s our job to make sure your loved ones or guests get exceptional flavor from our cakes.

We ensure that your moments of joy are celebrated and fulfilled at an affordable price and with quality cakes. Our cakes are available in different sizes, colors flavors and shapes depending on a customer’s preference.

Client Testimonials

  • You bring out the best I love your carrot cake, rainbow and red velvet cake not forgetting choco fudge. Awesome work #krumble - Dennis Muruts Murutani
  • It was exquisite, will definitely come again and again, moist and soft, keep it up - Wanjiru
  • KRUMBLE making the world of cake different.. keep it up. Don't say cake say KRUMBLE CAKE. - Catherine Mwangi
  • KRUMBLE Cakes are the best I got a ChocoFudge for my Birthday and really enjoyed. If you want a birthday cake, wedding cake I would recommend KRUMBLE CAKE truly the best. - Jane Gituma
  • I bought the cake for my baby's birthday and my oh my it was one sweet birthday. Beautiful fantastic sweet cake.. I would recommend anyone and everyone.- Lienne Alvares